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Subject Matter, Specifications and Submission Instructions for The 2026 Sanibel-Captiva Nature Calendar 

SUBMISSION DATES: September 01, 2024 through October 31, 2024.


SPECIFICATIONS FOR DIGITAL IMAGES: Files should be on CD, DVD or USB flash drive and saved as  high quality JPEG's with a wide color range as in Adobe or ProPhoto RGB. (Note: sRGB will not reproduce as well in the printing process. The printer will convert to CMYK.)  Minimum resolution is 300 DPI.  Minimum size is 3150 pixels by 2400 pixels.  Images on your CD or DVD must open showing your name and image ID corresponding to the same number printed on an accompanying color print and your submission inventory sheet. Each submitted CD/DVD must have its own inventory sheet.  Each CD/DVD must have your name, file type, PC or Mac compatibility and “2026 Sanibel-Captiva Nature Calendar submissions” printed on it.


Your submission inventory sheet must include the place and date the image was captured.  Your submission inventory sheet must contain the correct common name of the image subject.  (It may contain additional descriptive information.)

Example:  Fowler - PF123 - Florida Brown Pelican – (in winter breeding plumage) - 07/07/10 – Ding Darling NWR


Size for images should be proportional to fit the front cover dimensions of 10.5 wide by 9 inches tall and/or the inside month dimensions or10.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall or larger.  Images are usually cropped from one or both opposite sides.


You may not digitally adjust or alter the composition in any manner!

You may adjust your digital image for correct color, balance, tone, contrast and sharpness.


You must include with each submitted digital image a photographic quality color print that you believe accurately represents the digital image.  This print will be used to determine if the image composition is desired in this edition of the calendar.  This print will also be used to determine if the image color is correct and sharp enough for reproduction. Your accompanying color print/s must be printed on 8 ½” by 11” photo quality paper with either four or six images per 8 ½ by 11” page.   If selected for use this print will be used in the final color proofing stage before printing the calendar.  Your name and image ID must be printed below each image.


FORMAT: Vertical and horizontal.  Due to calendar size all images are usually cropped from one or both opposite sides.


SUBJECT MATTER:  Primarily close-ups of birds and other wildlife on Sanibel and Captiva Islands and the waters surrounding these islands.  Birds displaying, in breeding plumage and birds or other wildlife nesting with young will receive first consideration.  Also, any image depicting marine life such as dolphins, manatees, corrals and mollusks off the shores of Sanibel and Captiva will be considered first. The cover image is usually selected from the best submitted image of one of the local water birds, shore birds or raptors – preferable in breeding plumage. The rear cover image is selected from the best submitted image of a Sanibel-Captiva sunset.  (Natural settings only, no human culture showing.) 


Occasionally exceptional images photographed off, but near Sanibel and Captiva (such as Estero Island and Bunch Beach) are published.  Please segregate at the end of your submission inventory list any non Sanibel-Captiva images.


Please do not submit images previously published in the Sanibel-Captiva Nature Calendar.


Do not hesitate to send any image/s of the flora and fauna of the islands that you consider being of exceptional photographic quality.


All subjects must have been photographed on Sanibel, Captiva, or the waters surrounding this area.   (Note:  JF Productions does not want, nor knowingly accept for publication, photographs of wildlife that have in any way been staged, manipulated, fed, inhibited, captured, bred in captivity, altered, or disturbed.  Whether intentional or unintentional, if photographing a subject resulted in its disturbance in any way, do not send it for review.  Do take the time to reconsider your photographic methods.)


COPYRIGHTS AND COMMERCIAL RIGHTS:  In exchange for the below listed payments you will be required to grant JF Productions and Jim Fowler copyrights and commercial rights for the one time use of any selected photographic slides and or digital images.  This includes and is limited to use of your name and images in the 2026 Sanibel-Captiva Nature Calendar, promotional material, media coverage, print and electronic advertising, and any authorized web site with no quantity or time limits.  Each published image in the calendar will have a credit printed on the same page the image appears except cover images will be credited inside the calendar.  Note: Your credit is limited to your personal name only.


PAYMENT RATES: For use of an image on a month page or rear cover the payment is $50.00.  For use of an image on the front cover the payment is $100.00.  Payment will be made within 30 days of the May 1, 2025 publication date. Each contributor will also receive 5 copies of the calendar - 10 if your image is selected for the front cover. (Shipping cost outside of the continental U.S. is the responsibility of the contributor.)


SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Submission materials should be shipped in sturdy containers such as “Tyvek” or other crush proof packaging.  Include shipping instructions inside your package in case the outside addresses are torn off.  If you wish your materials returned place them inside your return package addressed to you and apply the correct postage.  Place this package, unsealed, into a second larger package, and ship Express, Priority or First Class Mail to: JF Productions, PO Box 3828, Midway, KY 40347.  


RETURN OF SUBMISSION MATERIALS:  If you wish to have submission materials returned you must include a shipping container with postage or a check to cover return shipping expense.   Upon request materials not selected for publication will be returned within 90 days of the end of the submission date. Upon request submission materials selected for publication will be returned during the month of April or May 2025.  (Shipping cost ouside of the continental U.S. is the responsibility of the contributor.)


 LIABILITY:  JF Productions and Jim Fowler assume no liability for submitted materials damaged, lost or destroyed.   Submission of materials indicate your acceptance of this no liability policy. 

END                                                                                                                                            (Rev.01/06/24)